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Facebook Parenting – Father Shoots His Daughter’s Laptop

Parenting is hard work and it’s hard to get through to your kids sometimes in a way that’s meaningful that will help them to realize what they’re doing is wrong and to learn and grow from the experience. I am not going to expound on parenting methodology here, other than to say that I think it is a good thing when parents care enough to stay involved with their children’s lives and try to teach them respect and responsibility.

The father in this video had dealt with respect issues and problems with his daughter’s activities on Facebook and when it happened again, he decided to provide a lesson that she wouldn’t soon forget. It seems like the entire world won’t forget it either.

What do you think? Do you think that the father went too far or do you applaud him for his dramatic parenting style?

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Julie Zhuo – Facebook: Data-Informed vs. Data-Driven Design Decisions

UIE Web App Master’s Tour – Seattle, Washington – May 23, 2011

Julie Zhuo – Facebook - Data-Informed vs. Data-Driven Design Decisions
Julie Zhuo – Facebook - Data-Informed vs. Data-Driven Design Decisions

Facebook likes the start-up culture. They believe in small teams: photos, engagement, etc. Each team is treated like a small company with a product designer, researcher, engineers & a product manager.

Facebook uses data to form a lot of the decisions that are made. Data helps understand how users use product and how they can be optimized.

Facebook had great ideas, built products and then left them to move on to the next thing.


Were using an old photo uploader tool built in Java, didn’t work well and was poorly designed. Built their own tool, which required a plugin. Tested it and only 34% users successfully uploaded photos. Went back to the drawing board. Research showed that people were bailing at the plugin install step.

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Backbone: 3 Ways

by Pamela Fox at HTML5 Texas Conference, Austin, Texas (Deck)

Backbone is one of the most popular MVC frameworks for JavaScript these days, and one of the reasons for its popularity is that its minimal and lightweight. That makes it easy to use in different ways and adapt to different projects – but can also make it hard to learn. In this talk, I’ll start with Backbone basics, and then dive into three different ways that we use it to power the frontends of

Backbone 3 Ways HTML5TX

Why use an MVC framework? Website includes: 242 js files, 28848 lines of code & 5-person frontend team. Needed more structure to their code.
Why Backbone?

Backbone JS MVC Diagram

Backbone is a lightweight model view controller framework. Models use set & get so the framework know what’s going on. Collections group objects together. Views with basic data binding. Router is available, but you don’t have to use it.

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The Right Tool for the Job: Native or Mobile Web? at #SXSW2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas #sxsw #righttool
Panel discussion by Buzz Andersen (Dir of Mobile – Tumblr), Jacob Bijani (Prod Engineer – Tumblr), Majd Taby (Software Engineer – Facebook), Matthew Delaney (WebKit Engineer), and Tom Dale (Sr Software Engineer – Ember.js)

Apps are much easier to monetize than websites, because you can charge up front.

for Tumblr T-shirt Contest / 01 (Photo credit: albyantoniazzi)

The browser rendering engine does a lot of the heavy work that native developers have to contend with. The web browser is a highly evolved medium for content delivery and rich layout.

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High On Line: Applying Psychology to Web Design at #SXSW2012

Sunday, March 11 2012 at South by Southwest, Austin, TX
by Jason HrehaBehavior Designer+UX Advisor, Applied Psychologist,, Co-founder of Dopamine, UX Advisor @ 500 Startups

Research from the StansfoJason Hreha - positive.lyrd Persuasive Tech Lab

D – dopamine

Why do we need a UX Design / Motivational framework?

  • Design with Intent Deck – 101 Patterns for Influencing Behaviour Through Design – decks
  • Mental Notes – ways to bring psychology to web design.
  • Influence: The Psycology of Persuation
  • Gamification – instead of thinking in a step by step way, it becomes a conglomeration of incentives, but what’s the point?

Why do these tactics work? What are we changing?

Model was created by BJ Fogg (leader of the Stanford Pers Lab) – Behavior Model

What causes behavior? (What needs to come together in order for behavior to occur?

3 things need to coincide for behavior to occur

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Be Real and Be Nice in Social Media

The Jeter FamilyIt’s amazing how some days just have a theme. Today in my daily ritual of browsing my social spaces, the theme of being real, being helpful and being polite when participating in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. kept coming up over and over again.

First, I read a great article by Jonathan Morrow on Copyblogger, (which creates the Genesis Framework that I use on my blog) called “21 Warning Signs You’re Becoming a Social Media Snob” that gives great insight and a cool self-evaluation tool to see if you have become a “Social Media Snob”. I won’t divulge my score, but I think I’m doing okay, but it’s a good reminder that I can be doing better. My favorite part of the article is the solution, which is to show empathy and caring in your social interactions online.

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What’s the Point of Creating a Feed-Generated Online Newspaper?

My Daily Web Thoughts Online is an information aggregation site that let’s people create their own online newspapers from sources that they create or choose. Back in September I created my own online newspaper via the system and watched it for a few days, but then left it alone and forgot about it.

I revisited it today and really like the updates they’ve made to the system. I like the ability to embed the paper into your own site, which I’ve done with My Daily Web Thoughts on this blog. They have also created a Facebook tab app that allows you to create a tab on your fan page that also displays your “online newspaper”. I also like the bookmark feature that allows you to add items to your daily newspaper as you see them while browsing the Web. The main thing that I thought was missing before was an easy way to manually add content to each edition. The + button fixes that issue.

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Lego Man Boldly Goes Into Space Like No Other Lego Man Has Before!

Lego Man in Space
Lego Man in Space

A couple of teenage high school students from Toronto have launched a Lego man into space. No, really, they have! Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, 17 year-old classmates, launched a lego minifigure holding a Canadian flag using a weather balloon filled with helium and captured great video of the lego minifigure with a backdrop of the Earth. The “Lego Man in Space” has a YouTube video that has received over 2 million views, as well as his own Facebook page with more than 5,000 fans.

While some news outlets have claimed that this is the first lego man in space, according to Universe Today, several Lego toys are constantly flying even higher above the Earth at this very moment aboard the International Space Station as part of an educational outreach effort by NASA and Lego. And 3 more Lego figurines are speeding to Jupiter aboard NASA’s Juno orbiter.

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