An App That Tracks Your Driving… and Sends the Results to Your Insurance Company

A red light camera in Chicago, USA.
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State Farm has created an app that helps track your driving habits. They’re not the only insurance company to jump into the driving app space as Progressive has created a monitoring device that bases your insurance cost on your driving habits. While the idea of an app that helps you improve your driving sounds great, isn’t there any concern that the data will somehow find itself in the wrong hands?

With red-light camera‘s everywhere and GPS navigation companies selling data to police departments, isn’t the next logical step that the data from our cars and apps will be used to send us invoices for road usage, tickets for speeding or wreckless driving or raising our insurance rates based on driving habits, regardless of who is driving the car.

There will always be a fine line between great use of technology and oppressive use of technology. It’s not a big deal, but we need to constantly remind ourselves that we need to think about the technology we use and the implications that might result from that use, without becoming completely paranoid.

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