StumbleUpon Stops Direct Links

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Here’s another Internet marketing play I’ve been following recently. A lot of people have started playing in the StumbleUpon playground because of the valuable traffic that can be obtained via the StumbleUpon network. StumbleUpon is changing the game again because instead of direct links to websites, the website links will be contained in the StumbleUpon iframe link.

The SEO implications are obvious. Links from StumbleUpon to target sites that were previously direct, followed (until recently) links from a PR8 site will now disappear, replaced by internal StumbleUpon links that load the target page in an iframe.

Once again, diversification in all online marketing efforts is the recommendation, as all efforts, no matter how successful, can and will change over time. Also, it highlights the fact that online marketing is a never-ending moving target, which means you cannot stop testing and learning to see how all the moving pieces affect your marketing efforts.

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